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SAHL Insurance Services
Business in Accordance with the Long and Short-term Insurance Actt

International SAHL Insurance
International SAHL Insurance from InsureFreight gives you the ultimate in security when shipping overseas and around the world. We offer comprehensive full value international SAHL Insurance for shipments of all shapes and sizes with all major international shipping carriers.
International SAHL Insurance Options to Meet Your Needs
Whether you are a large company shipping thousands of packages internationally on a daily basis, or somebody who just wants to make sure their international shipment arrives intact, we have an international SAHL Insurance option to meet your needs.
International SAHL Insurance at Rates that Beat the Competition
Our international SAHL Insurance options beat that of international carriers who often charge substantial surcharges for their SAHL Insurance. Because you’re buying direct from InsureFreight, we can offer International SAHL Insurance rates that beat those of the major carriers and dedicate customer service representatives that handle your International SAHL Insurance claims.
International SAHL Insurance with InsureFreight gives you peace of mind that your international shipments are guaranteed to their full value with rates and service that are second-to-none.
International SAHL Insurance Benefits with InsureFreight
•    All-Risk, Primary International SAHL Insurance coverage available for international shipments worldwide.
•    Easy online claims management with the InsureFreight International SAHL Insurance Claim Center.
•    The ability to offer additional international SAHL Insurance to your clients to increase your bottom line.
•    Flexible International Insurance rates based on specific commodities, conveyance type, and value.
•    International SAHL Insurance available for all major carriers worldwide.
Make sure the value of your next international shipment is fully guaranteed. Start adding InsureFreight International SAHL Insurance to your shipments and you’ll be adding peace of mind.
We provide full international SAHL Insurance coverage on all your international shipments and have many different programs available that allow for a zero deductible
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Flat Rate Shipping Insurance

Are you shipping 10…100…200 packages a month? Simply complete the shipping profile questionnaire and get an instant 30 day flat rate quote to insure all your shipments. Accept the quote by entering your credit card information and accepting the terms and conditions. A policy of up to or more than $2,000.00 per parcel will be effective immediately, and emailed to you within minutes. Your policy will automatically renew every 30 days, billed to your credit card, until you cancel. Get the security of fully insured shipments for loss, damage, or theft immediately on-line. No monthly reporting, easy and quick claims processing. InsureFreight..SAHL Insurance Done Right!

Business Shipping Insurance

InsureShip offers various solutions to help your business insure all the packages it ships. We can provide shipping insurance for businesses shipping large or small volumes on a daily basis. Our shipping insurance will insure each item in your shipments so you’ll be protected against lost or damage items. These shipping insurance services are offered on both domestic and international cargo shipments. InsureShip provides insurance services for many companies in different industries like Ecommerce, direct response, retailers, ebay sellers, etc. No matter the size or type of business, InsureShipFreight has a Business Sahl Insurance Solution to meet your needs.